Different Types of Condoms

Just because you find many condom stores out there, it doesn’t mean you will buy condoms from them all, right? Having some options on the list could help you narrow down your choice, so you know which store to visit since it provides what you are looking for. The different person has the different personal taste, so they expect to get various options of condom types. Are you looking for the male condom? Male and female will need to use the different condom type so that is why you may not make the mistake when buy condoms for you and for your spouse.

For male condom, you can consider;

1. Latex condoms

These common are made of latex rubber. It is not available at very low rates in most countries. For your additional information, this is able to use only with a water-based lubricant, not with oil-based ones. Unfortunately, some people are allergic or sensitive to latex. You may not be able to use such this condom type of your partner feels uncomfortable due to her worry about latex allergy.

2. Sheepskin condoms

Based on its name, they are made of lamb intestines. What makes this condom option great is that you can use it with both water and oil based lubricants. The users report a more natural feel on using these condoms. They have a limited usability and are available at the very expensive price. Simply talk, not all people can use sheepskin condoms.

3. Polyurethane condoms

This is a type of plastic. Compared to the latex condom, this is much thinner and make it more sensitive. For feeling and appearance matters, it offers superior benefit to most users. If you want to use lubricant, sure you can use oil and water based ones. Since it is not as cheap as the latex condom, you need to check your budget first. Then, go to the nearby store to get the right one and get ready to use it to create the different sexual experience. Will your wife like it too?

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