Phenomenon of Roger Gracie Knowledge and Technical Fighter

Roger is big and strong, there is no discussion about that. At nearly 6’5 “and about 220 pounds, he’s unusually tall for a jiu-jitsu fighter. I remember one particular workout where we worked standing up. I thought I’d defend myself reasonably well. I have all of my Weight put on him to neutralize his leverage. When he got bored, he suddenly literally tossed me onto the mat with just that hook. I’ve been training with 300 pound fighters who haven’t had that type of exercise. This is one of the Reasons Why It Is Such A Dangerous Fighter read more by clicking here

He combines high attributes with perfect technical knowledge. In the unlikely event that he is technically equal in an area, he will simply outperform you. His deep technical knowledge is overwhelming, Roger doesn’t need seconds to analyze a position before his next move like an average fighter does because he knows the perfect technical reaction for each position so well that he has become a mirror image. In addition, he is always at least 2 moves ahead. His first attack is usually used to prepare you for the second and third. When you watch it roll, you will see a demonstration of the perfect movement economy. 3 or 4 of us take turns fighting him, switching to a new partner every few minutes so he can push himself even though he’s training with inferior opponents.

The strange thing about Roger is that his technique gets better when he gets tired, not worse. I have a theory that this is due to its size. He had to learn how to move his massive body most efficiently during long sparring and training sessions as he gets more and more tired.For me that is the essence of Jiujitsu. Roger isn’t super muscular and torn like many other fighters, but when you roll him he feels “tight”. I think this is because he has a highly developed ability to relax and contract his various muscle groups at will and because he has exceptional sensitivity to pressure.

Its base is phenomenal too. My sweeps are by far the strongest part of my game but in all the years I’ve been training with him I’ve only managed to sweep Roger once and that’s because I wasn’t paying attention, you will usually think that you’re about to sweep it up, you might even lift it for a second, but because of its incredible balance which effortlessly readjusts and nullifies your attempt to reverse it. read more by clicking here.

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