Driving Simulator Makes Good at Driving, Really?

The more sophisticated the technology, the more realistic playing the driving simulator looks. Especially if the game is a simulation genre like Gran Turismo. Some people believe that the ability to control a car in a racing game can improve their driving skills. Apparently that assumption is not entirely true. Recently, CensusWide conducted a survey of 1,250 people in the UK about this assumption. In order to learn, you can use research simulator.

The results show that people who often play racing games tend to be more careless. They also drive more unsafely than people who are less exposed to racing games. More than 20 percent of the total respondents admitted to testing the skills they see or learn in racing games while driving a car on a daily basis.

In the group of people who regularly play racing games, 26 percent of them have committed at least 2 traffic violations. While in the group that rarely or never played racing games, the percentage was only 17 percent. This study also states that, on average, people have been involved in an accident after having a driver’s license. However, the conclusion of the CensusWide study contradicts research conducted by the University of Rochester, United States, in 2010. The research shows that games can help improve players’ reflexes when faced with dangerous conditions in real life.

In 2017 the racing game Gran Turismo Sport is included in a driving skills training course for police. As a result, some police officers can shorten their driving time on the same road compared to before being trained, while improving smoothness and stability when facing road conditions.

Actually, it is undeniable that racing games can also give players certain knowledge that can be obtained through virtual challenges. However, not all gamers can apply this experience when driving a real car. One other thing to note is that the main essence of the game is just entertainment.

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