Indoor Garden as a Connector

Different from the previous ones, the garden design in this house made by Best Landscapers in Aurora Ohio is flanked by two different spaces. So, the garden in this house is made as a connecting road between the two rooms which is limited by a clear glass partition. When entering the garden area, you will feel the sensation of fresh natural air because the garden in this house is made open, aka without a roof. Thus, all the plants planted in the garden area in this house can also get adequate sunlight. Creating a garden in the house is difficult and easy. The key is that you know what concept to apply and the perseverance to take care of it. So, from all the inspirations above, which garden design do you like the most in your home? Or maybe you have your idea?

Although it is not equipped with complicated ornaments and looks very simple, this minimalist garden design manages to give a very contemporary impression. With shades of white on the entire wall and floor, this park only places a few trees in the space that has been provided so that the minimalist impression still stands out. In the afternoon, this minimalist garden design will look even more charming thanks to the reflection of warm shades of light from inside the house. Although very simple, this minimalist garden design manages to add beauty to the dwelling, right?

Furthermore, there is a minimalist garden design that combines several elements so that the result looks very neat. In this minimalist garden design, you can see that the placement of the grass does not completely cover the existing ground so that it still looks simple. In addition, plants in this minimalist garden design are also planted based on their types and placed in certain spaces. Some are on the edge of the park, some are in the middle of the park. Thus, all the plants look neatly arranged. With a neat layout of plants grouped by type, there are also rock elements that make the overall appearance of the garden more beautiful. If you are interested in copying this minimalist garden design idea, don’t forget to add outdoor furniture, such as patio tables and chairs.

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