It’s About Rug Making Techniques

Rug manufacturing techniques will provide Carpet Cleaners Northshore a different texture from one rug to another. Also, the choice of rug material determines the feel and durability of the rug. The two main types of rugs are loop pile and cut pile. The texture that distinguishes the two comes from how the rug is made. The loop pile rug is formed by wrapping the threads, while the cut pile is by cutting the fibers. Meanwhile, if you have a rug that has become too dirty, we suggest you hire the rug cleaning north shore.

Loop Pile RugType

The way to make a rug is to do the technique of wrapping threads on the base. This technique is called the looping yarn style.

The Berber is the easiest type of loop pile to find. If described, this fiber is bent into a series of loops. Berber type rugs will be more durable and anti-stain even though they don’t have much cushioning, which makes them not soft. Berber rug coils are short, although sometimes there are other variations. Because it is short, it usually looks solid, tough, and soft at the same time. The threads also don’t fall off easily. Make sure you never place sharp objects on the surface of the rug as this can tear and damage the fibers.

In addition to the barber, Level Loop uses loops that are short and of the same length. The rug is stiff but suitable for placing in areas where people are passing by.

Cut Pile

The cut pile rug is formed by collecting yarn fibers in groups and then cutting them in various variants. The cut variant is determined by the texture to be achieved.

The way to make the Saxony Cut Pile rug is by cutting the ends of the fibers as even and uniformly as possible. In this type of rug yarn arrangement, each fiber is tightly tied together in a group. This makes the rug look softer. The length of the fiber that is cut is about 1 cm. This rug feels very soft and luxurious so it is suitable to be placed in your room. This rug also looks more formal and dense because the size and direction of the fibers are uniforms.

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