Maintain Tiles To Look Like New

Tile for flooring is one of the important components in building a house. But many people think that tiles are not hard to maintain over time because it is easily stained and crusted. Of course, this is not always true. As long as you care for it an use the help of tile cleaning north shore professional service, surely the ceramic floor will be durable and look like new.

Mopping the ceramic floor of the house regularly is the main thing that must be done to maintain floor cleanliness. Get used to mop the floor at least once every two days. Make sure you use a special floor cleaning product so that the tile flooring is maximally clean. Splashes of oil can make tile floors slippery. To clean it, you can put flour in the ceramic parts exposed to oil. Wheat can absorb oil, making it easier to clean. Furthermore, the remaining oil and flour can be cleaned with a dry cloth. To be perfectly clean, you can wipe clean ceramics with a damp cloth dampened with a little water.

Parts of grout or sidelines of tiles usually also become a den of dust, mildew, and other impurities. Therefore, you should regularly clean the ceramic grout so it doesn’t look dull. Use a mixture of vinegar and a little baking soda to remove stains and dirt from the grout. If stains and stubborn dirt, use a brush with a rather hard texture so that the cleaning process is more leverage. Mopping the floor alone is not enough to ward off bacterial and fungal attacks. You can use an antibacterial floor cleaner or a steam cleaner. You only need to do this intensive treatment once a week so that the cleanliness and beauty of the tile floor are maintained. However, if you want a fast and effective cleaning then using a professional tile cleaning service is recommended.

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