Method for Printing Vinyl Stickers

In printing vinyl stickers, there are several methods commonly used, which can be adjusted to your liking such as Custom Stickers. In general, the method for printing vinyl stickers is as follows:

1. Print normal Vinyl Stickers
In this method, as the name implies, vinyl stickers will be printed normally as is without a cutting process, so that later you will receive the printout in sheet form, whether it’s meter size or A3/A3+ size depending on the printing vendor you choose and also number of stickers printed.

2. Print Vinyl Stickers by Cutting
The second vinyl sticker printing method is to add a cutting process, which is further divided into two types, namely kiss cut and die cut. In the Kiss Cut method, later the sticker will be cut following the curve of the design, but only cut to the adhesive layer while the back is intact and not cut. Meanwhile, for the Die Cut method, the sticker will be cut at the curve of the design, including the back or the base layer.

3. Print HTV Vinyl Stickers with the Heat Transfer method
As previously discussed a little, on the HTV type Vinyl sticker, the printing sticker will be printed in reverse (mirror) on the printing machine, then the print will be cut using a cutting machine, then the sticker will be peeled off following the curve of the design on the file. design. After peeling off, the sticker will be affixed to the surface of the object that you want to attach the sticker to (such as a t-shirt), coated with the default transfer paper, then pressed using a heat press machine or rubbed using an iron evenly.

Of course, you can use the printing methods that can be done on vinyl stickers as needed, although it should be noted that not all printing vendors are able to provide printing services for these three methods, especially for the HTV process, which is more appropriate for digital screen printing service providers for t-shirts.

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