Note! These are the habits that can strengthen the uterus

A strong and healthy uterus can support a woman’s quality of life. This one part of the body is closely related to the reproductive function so it needs special attention in caring for it. Many factors can support uterine health. When a woman sits too long without enough exercise, it can be dangerous. It can hinder the circulation of blood and healthy energy in the pelvic area. This is what causes the thickening of the uterine wall and increases the chances of endometriosis. To avoid this, a woman should be physically active for one hour a day. If you want to get further training, you can get it by visiting our website at Observer.

The habit of holding urine and defecation is also not good for uterine health. Doing so can make waste or feces build up in the bladder, causing a bladder infection. In advanced stages, it can also cause vaginal and pelvic infections, due to their proximity. Improving the immunity of the uterus specifically can make the uterus healthier and stronger. Certain types of fish such as salmon and mackerel can help reduce prostaglandin secretion. Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that can make the uterus contract too hard, causing pain and increasing the likelihood of uterine malpositioning.

The Food Drug Association has determined that some pads and tampons containing dioxin are very dangerous to wear. This is because it can increase the risk of cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Use sanitary napkins made of organic cotton or other natural materials. Exercising the pelvic muscles is an important thing to do to improve the health of the uterus. Experts say that swimming is the best exercise to strengthen the uterus. Swimming 2 hours per week can reduce back pain, reduce pain and make delivery easier.

Having a clean sexual partner is also the key to maintaining a woman’s womb. Therefore, changing partners is not recommended because it can trigger various sexually transmitted diseases. Research in the UK found that a woman’s chances of developing the pelvic inflammatory disease are reduced by 70% when her sexual partner is clean. Experts say that many of the bacteria that can cause pelvic infections are carried in the folds of the male penis.

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