Pay attention to your cat’s digging habits, it could be a sign of a serious problem

Cats have a special language that, if you understand, will help you understand them better. For example, the habit of scratching the floor around their food bowls. You might assume that the cat is trying to tell you something. This may be true, but keep in mind that there are many reasons for such behavior. Cats who breastfeed do so to prevent other animals from finding their droppings. Domestic cats exhibit similar behaviors that are similar to storing food that their relatives do in the wild. Therefore, you can provide dust free cat litter for your cat litter.

When you put the newspaper under the cat’s bowl, you may notice that the cat scratched and tore it into pieces to stack on top of the leftovers. The same can happen with anything nearby that can cover its food. Even if a kitten grows up alone, it may still instinctively bury its food. This is the type of behavior that animals do without thinking. If you change your cat’s diet and suddenly it starts digging around its food, it’s a sign that your cat doesn’t like the food provided.

Especially if he had never acted like this before. the cat may not like the taste or smell of its food and may feel uncomfortable if you change the position of the bowl. All of these things can cause your cat to start burying unwanted food. This type of behavior can also be caused by a lack of appetite. Consult a veterinarian if your cat suddenly starts exhibiting this behavior for no apparent reason. Cats are very meticulous and tidy when it comes to their realm. Many of them have their dining area served so clean that they rarely eat from a dirty bowl. Make sure your pet’s bowl is well washed, this can put an end to the digging habit.

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