Practical Tips to Clean Stains on the Walls of a Minimalist Home

Not only is the condition of the floor, furniture, or yard that determines whether your house is clean or not, the condition of the walls must also receive attention. The reason is, according to one man and a brush , even though your minimalist house is clean but the walls are full of stains, the house will still look dull and unattractive. A house with dirty walls also runs the risk of lowering the selling price — if one day you want to sell the house. Some stains can be cleaned easily, such as oil stains, food crumb stains, and mud stains. Cleaning usually can be done by wiping it with a tissue, sponge, or damp cloth. Meanwhile, for some types of stains that contain chemicals, such as pen or marker scribbles, oil paint will usually be difficult to remove, unless you clean it as soon as the stain is exposed to the wall. Food coloring stains, such as chocolate, sauce, or jam, can be removed simply by wiping the walls with a cloth or paper towel.

Meanwhile, coconut milk food stains, gravy stains, and mud stains can be removed by wiping them with a cloth soaked in warm water to remove the oil or grease. One of the causes of dull walls is not necessarily food or soil stains, but rather dust left on. If it is piling up, it is not impossible to make the walls damp and cause mold. So, at least clean the walls-especially the outer walls of the house once every two weeks with a broom or wipe it with an old cloth.

Markers or pen stains should be cleaned with the help of baking soda or vinegar. The trick, add one tablespoon of baking soda or vinegar to half a small bucket of water. Then dip the sponge in the liquid and wash the sponge over the surface of the stained wall. To clean a moss stain, it’s best to open a window, as the scent of moss tends to stab and make it hard to breathe freely. Remove the moss stain with lemon juice. The trick, mix lemon with a glass of water then put it in a spray bottle. Spray onto the wall surface and then wipe with a cloth.

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