These Myths And Facts About COVID-19 Must Be Known By Everyone

The public needs to understand the facts of the coronavirus and separate them from the misleading myths. WHO has a special page on its website that summarizes the myths and facts of the coronavirus for the public. It is not only the general public who must know this information, but also medical personnel, especially medical personnel who are not directly related to handling the coronavirus. This is important because the Covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus is a new type. Scientists are continuing to carry out further research to thoroughly understand the virus and corona disease. Aside from that, if you want to read more trending news, you can go to right away.

The following are some popular myths and facts about the coronavirus that is developing in the community:

Myth: Sunlight can kill the coronavirus because it contains ultraviolet
Fact: There is no evidence that ultraviolet light can kill the coronavirus. Sunlight is only useful for the production of vitamin D in the body which can increase resistance to viral attacks

Myth: The virus can be killed by using a hand dryer
Fact: Even though it contains heat, a hand dryer that can be located next to the sink can’t kill viruses

Myth: Disinfectant sprays are harmless to the body
Fact: Disinfectants are dangerous when they come into contact with the body. WHO does not recommend the use of disinfectants against the human body

Myth: People who pass a temperature check will be negative for corona
Fact: High body temperature is only one symptom of contracting the coronavirus. Need a swab test to be sure

Myth: Drinking alcohol can prevent transmission of the coronavirus
Fact: Alcohol consumption has not been proven to prevent corona. Alcohol is only recommended as a hand sanitizer for washing hands when there is no access to water and soap

Myth: Corona can be transmitted through packages
Fact: Coronavirus can indeed stick to the surface of objects, but only for a certain time. For safety reasons, open the package outside the house, dispose of the cardboard immediately, and wash your hands with soap and water.

Myth: Pets can transmit coronavirus
Fact: There is no evidence that corona can spread from pets such as dogs and cats

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