These Tips Can Be Tried To Maintain Your Car Tyres So They Are Durable And Safe To Use

The air pressure in the tyres must be adjusted in such a way as to be comfortable to wear. Do not be so hard that the tyres wear out quickly and are difficult to control. But also should not be too light because it will make the engine pull to be heavy. The pressure in the tyres will usually also decrease by itself even though the car is rarely used. You are advised to check the air pressure in the tyres at least every 2 weeks or when you are going to use it for long-distance driving for safety. In the meantime, you might want to visit mobile tyre fitting essex if your car tyres are damaged.

Next, the use of nitrogen has several advantages that will make tyres last longer. Nitrogen keeps the tyres cool even though they have to continue to rub against the asphalt road. Nitrogen also makes the air pressure in the tyre more stable so it is not easy to deflate.

After that, the tyre position might need to be changed. The system on a car usually only has one wheel drive, either at the front (FWD) or only at the rear (RWD). Therefore, the 2 tyres attached to the drive system will certainly wear out faster. So to get around this, you are advised to change the position of the front tyres to the rear every approximately 5,000-10,000 km so that the tyres are more durable.

Drive safely

Your attitude when driving on the road will also greatly affect the life of the tyres. If you often brake suddenly or make sharp turns, it will certainly make the tyres wear out faster. In addition, avoiding holes in the road can also be done so that the shape of the tyres is maintained. This of course requires your awareness as a driver to always be orderly during traffic.

Don’t overload

Excessive loads in the car can break the nylon threads on the tyre lining and the tyres can burst suddenly. This is of course very dangerous and can lead to accidents. Usually, there is a code listed on the tyre regarding the load capacity that the tyre can withstand.

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