Tips for Choosing Lipstick According to Skin Color

Lipstick is one of the makeup tools that every woman must-have. How not, the presence of lipstick itself is felt to beautify the appearance. For some women, having one lipstick is not enough. That’s why we as women are diligent in buying lipstick even though we already have the same color or shade. You can find it on makeup online pakistan.

But unfortunately, not a few of the lipsticks that were purchased ended up not being used because they did not match the skin color. Problems such as lipstick color that is too bright, lips look pale to dull, usually happen when we buy lipstick that doesn’t match our skin color.

Fair skin
Those of you who have fair skin do tend to be easier when choosing a lipstick color. However, there are several colors that are suitable for this skin type; such as light pink, light peach, beige, and golden brown. In addition, you can also choose shades of pink when worn in the morning until noon. Even so, avoid wearing brown with shades of orange because it can make your skin look dull. Lastly, avoid wearing too flashy pink (like neon) because it can make your face look paler.

Medium skin
Most Asian women have this skin undertone. For this type of skin, the right lipstick colors are dark red, medium pink, and orange. If you like red, choose a darker red to make your face look brighter. For example, you can try brownish red to make your face seem warmer. Meanwhile, the color of lipstick that you should avoid is light brown because it can give a pale impression on the face.

Dark skin
If you have this skin tone, try wearing lipstick shades of brownish red, dark berry, dark fuchsia and golden beige. In addition to these colors, you can also choose shades of brown such as light brown for a lighter impression, to coffee to give a warm impression.

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