Toothache Until Head and Ears, Is It a Serious Condition?

Toothache that is felt to the head and ears often occurs. Toothache alone will certainly interfere with daily activities. Especially if the pain spreads to other body parts, such as the head, eyes, and ears. If not treated immediately, dental and oral problems can reduce the quality of life. The causes of toothache to the head and ears also vary. Some of the causes of toothache that are often found are cavities, broken teeth, to wisdom teeth that grow abnormally. You need to get the best treatment for your dental health, that’s why you need to see a list of reliable dentists on dental seo experts.

Toothache to the head and ears is closely related to nerves. The reason is, every part of the body is connected by nerves.

The phenomenon of toothache to the head and ears has something to do with the trigeminal nerve. These nerves connect the head to the lips, cheeks, ears, jaw, and nasal cavity, including the teeth. The trigeminal nerve is also involved with the onset of migraines. Because the trigeminal nerve connects to the teeth, the stimulation of infection in cavities also causes migraines. This is what explains the relationship between toothache and headaches. In addition to the head, the body part associated with a toothache is the ear. However, the underlying cause of this complaint is a temporomandibular joint disorder.

Headaches to the head, ears, and eyes are also associated. Toothache, especially from bacterial infections such as cavities, can cause a throbbing pain that radiates to the eye area. This is because the nerves around the face and eyes are affected. In severe and more dangerous cases of toothache, the infection can lead to a condition called cavernous sinus thrombosis. Cavernous sinus thrombosis is the appearance of a blood clot that the body produces to prevent bacteria from spreading further. However, the clot can block blood flow to the brain. This causes the area near the eye, namely the cavernous sinus, to experience high pressure. High pressure in the eye area can damage the brain, eyes, and nerves located between the eye and brain.

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