Water Supply System In Building

In this system, the distribution pipeline is in the direct building with the main water supply pipe (eg: the main pipe under the road from the drinking water company). Due to the limited pressure in the main pipe and the limited size of the pipe, the branch of the main pipe, the system is mainly applicable for housing and small and low buildings. The size of the branching pipes may be regulated or stipulated by the drinking water company. The water heater tank is usually not connected directly to the distribution pipe, and in some areas, it is not allowed to install the lush valve. If the system of direct connection by a variety of reasons can not be applied, instead used a lot of roof tank system, especially in the United States and Japan. In this system, water is collected first in the lower tank (mounted on the lowest floor of the building or below ground level) and then pumped into an upper tank which is usually installed above the roof or above the highest floor of the building. No need to worry about plumbing because you can visit here to get the services of plumbers for high rise building installations.

For buildings that are large enough, reservoirs should be provided to raise water to the roof tank. This spare pump is normally run normally with the main pump, to ensure that any damage or difficulties are known immediately. If the water pressure in the main pipe is large enough, the water can be directly drained into the roof tank without being stored in the bottom tank and pumped. Under such circumstances, the upper-level heights that can be serviced will depend on the amount of water pressure in the main pipe. The most important thing in this roof tank system is to determine the location of the “roof tank” whether installed in the ceiling, or on the roof (eg for a roof of concrete) or with a special tower construction. This determination should be based on the type of plumbing tool installed on the highest floor of the building and high working pressure.

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