You Must Know These Tips When Using PVC Pipe

The use of PVC pipes as water pipes in homes is not a new thing. It has become a skill that must be owned by homeowners. This type of pipe is indeed more chosen than other types of pipes, such as metal or iron pipes. In addition to the cheaper price of PVC pipes, their use is also considered safer for waterways, because they will not react when exposed to water for a long time. Aside from that, if you don’t have the time to deal with your plumbing problems by yourself, you can call the MIRACLE ROOTER service.

Another reason for the popularity of PVC pipes is their easy installation. For example, to connect one pipe to another or a pipe connection, it is enough to use a special glue for PVC pipes. This glue glues the two pipes firmly together so it doesn’t leak easily.

Here are some things you must know before you use PVC pipes:

Measuring the pipe size to be joined

When taking pipe measurements, be sure to always measure from the inside of the pipe. This is so that the two pipes to be connected fit within the pipe joint and avoid leaks.

Cutting pipe

Use a marker or pen to mark the part of the pipe you want to cut. Unlike steel pipe, cutting PVC pipe can be done with almost any type of saw. So, you don’t have to bother looking for a special saw for plastic.

Clean up scraps

Be sure to clean up any remaining bits on the pipe. Core to ensure the process of gluing or connecting pipes can be done perfectly. Don’t leave this section, no matter how rushed you are. Because the rest of the dirt from these cuts can prevent the glue from sticking properly.

Clean the surface of the pipe you want to connect

In addition to cleaning the cut marks, another step that must be taken is to clean the surface of the pipe from dirt, including the brand writing that is usually found on the pipe surface. This step can help the glue stick more firmly.

Gluing/joining process

Once the tubing is connected, keep pushing and holding the tubing in that position for at least 30 seconds. So that the glue sticks firmly.

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